Thank you for sharing

I’m interested in the crosstalk prohibition in meetings. Does “what you hear here, stays here” last amongst people that you see at the next meeting? When someone comes up to you at the Saturday meeting (as two people did to me today) and says “How you doing? I heard you share on Wednesday and it […]

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Morning Prayers

Morning prayers are another story. They cannot be stated with anything remotely like confidence as they’re uttered on the edge of a cliff that is the unknown day. There’s nothing like certitude, there is no real belief in God.┬áIn this way they reallyare true prayers: God grant me another day on the right side of […]

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Bedtime Prayers

When I say my prayers, they are not simple like “now I lay me down to sleep,” though one of them begins “God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change . . .” Even that one I cannot get quite right, “God,” I whisper, “grant me the serenity . . . […]

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